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In addition to our API Challenges you should practice on as many sites as possible. Try Swapi. - A Web Application which uses API

  • A Star Wars API App
  • Only supports the GET verb... or does it?

Exercise - Explore the API Via the APP

    • make a request from the GUI
    • Use network tab to view the requests

Exercise - Use the API

  • Download a REST Client
  • Make some API calls that copy what the UI Did

Exercise - Explore the Docs

  • Swapi documentation
  • Read the docs
  • Use the docs as a basis for exploration
  • use an HTTP client to issue requests e.g. Postman, cURL,
  • try to generate different HTTP Status codes: 200, 400, 404, 405
  • experiment with different HTTP Verbs: GET, POST, OPTIONS, HEAD

HTTP OPTIONS Verb - Example

Swapi has a very unusual OPTIONS output



    "name": "People Instance",
    "description": "",
    "renders": [
    "parses": [

Hint: Swapi supports GET, OPTIONS and HEAD - try them all, then double check this statement. (Trust no-one).