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API Challenge Solutions

Getting Started

First Real Challenge

GET Challenges

HEAD Challenges

Creation Challenges with POST

Creation Challenges with PUT

  • PUT /todos/{id} (400)

Update Challenges with POST

Update Challenges with PUT

  • PUT /todos/{id} full (200)
  • PUT /todos/{id} partial (200)
  • PUT /todos/{id} no title (400)
  • PUT /todos/{id} no amend id (400)

DELETE Challenges

OPTIONS Challenges

Accept Header Challenges

Content-Type Header Challenges

Fancy a Break? Restore your session

  • GET /challenger/guid (existing X-CHALLENGER)
  • PUT /challenger/guid RESTORE
  • PUT /challenger/guid CREATE
  • GET /challenger/database/guid (200)
  • PUT /challenger/database/guid (Update)

Mix Accept and Content-Type Challenges

Status Code Challenges

HTTP Method Override Challenges

  • POST /heartbeat as DELETE (405)
  • POST /heartbeat as PATCH (500)
  • POST /heartbeat as Trace (501)

Authentication Challenges

Authorization Challenges

Miscellaneous Challenges

  • DELETE /todos/{id} (200) all
  • POST /todos (201) all